Yazzle, finished with a major on June 28, 2009 under Judge Mrs. Catherine DiGiacomo at the Chenango Valley Kennel Club in Bainbridge, New York.

Yazzle's first point was at six months of age under renowned Judge Annie Rogers Clark.

Yazzle is Kwontum-Leap's first import; he arrived from Belgium in December and quickly stole our hearts.
Am Ch. Honjou No Beniaoni Go Bingo Kashimasaou "Jou"
NIPPO 14-17603 / NHSB 2503449
Int. Ch., DCH, BCH Mai Gentama Hime Go Narmenak "Genta"
NHSB 2.332.727 - HD A2
Kibi No Aoiryuu Go Kibi Kokurasou
NIPPO 10-26640
Umehama Go Bingo Kashimasou
NIPPO 9-3576
Beniaoi Go Ehime Miyazakisou
NIPPO 11-14659
Suzumi Go Okayama Aojisou
NIPPO 12-3137
Koshi No Koryu Go Niigata Kourakusow
NIPPO 7-26211
Mamihime Go Shinoyama Kensha
NIPPO 7-12579
Toyokatsu Go Suzuki Kensha
NIPPO 8-35559
Etsubenihime Go Niigata Kourakusow
NIPPO 9-25605
Honjou No Aoiryuu Bingo Kashimasou
NIPPO 13-21302
Misuzuhime Go Okayama Aojisou
NIPPO 13-10879
Multi Ch. World Ch. 2000. Seiryu Go Niigata Kiyosatosow
NIPPO 9-27860 - HD TC/B1
Multi Ch. Toyokomachi Go Niigata Kourakusow
NIPPO 10-15606 - HD TC/B1
AKC/UKC Ch. Eichiryugo Narmenak
"YAZZLE" has proven to be an exceptional dog with exceptional temperament  and structure.  He is great addition to
KWONTUM-LEAP.  Imported from the Netherlands as a puppy from top breeder,  Tineke Van Toor, Narmenak Shibas, of the
Netherlands, Yazzle has grown into a stunning boy acquiring his AKC and UKC Championship titles effortless and siring two
litters with two Champions thus far and others working on their titles with success.