Sabrina obtained both majors easily toward her Championship title needing just a few points to finish.  

Sabrina is sweet and outgoing and very people oriented.

Sabrina has had just one litter of four pups, 3 of which finished easily, (Dora finished from the Bred-by Class and Liya who acquired most of her
points from the Bred-by Class) The third puppy, Lucky also finished from the Bred-by Class. The 4th puppy, Brinkley resides in a loving, non-show,
pet home

Sabrina's breeder is Frances Attridge of O'Date Shibas and came to KWONTUM-LEAP as a pup.
O'Date Princess of No Mercy
SABRINA is now almost 14 years old and recently returned from the vet
following major surgery. Pictures from December 2012 on Sabrina's return from
the vet hospital.  Sabrina has bounced back remarkably showing even more
spunk then before.  Sabrina is a spit-fire of a little girl even in her veteran state
and we hope she continues for years to come!!
Sadly, Sabrina succumbed to her illness on July 25th,
2012.  She will be missed by us forever.  Her legacy
lives on in her children; Ch. Dora, Ch. Liya, Ch.Lucky
and Brinkley, her only litter, and her grandaughter,