Kwontum-Leap is a small show kennel striving to preserve and protect the Shiba Inus. Kwontum-Leap acquired its first Shiba Inu in 1992 and showed in the
American Kennel Club (AKC) Miscellaneous class prior to the AKC accepting the breed into the Non-Sporting Group. Since that time Kwontum-Leap has bred
selectively as well as acquiring a few additional Shibas with the majority finishing their AKC Championship or being major-pointed. Breedings and available
puppies are limited and planned with care. Superb temperament and structure are key considerations in order to produce competitive show dogs, as well as
wonderful companions. Kwontum-Leap Shiba Inus are well-loved pets first and foremost. classes, obedience classes, showing at matches, attending AKC shows
nearly every weekend, as well as pursuing Canine Good Citizen Titles (CGC), Companion Dog Titles (CD), as well as AKC Championship Titles (CH) are the
goals of Kwontum-Leap for a well rounded and well-adjusted Shiba Inu.  In the last couple of years we have been trying our hand in additional performance
venues including lure coursing and barnhunt!
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