Dora began her career at the Shiba Club of Greater New York National Supported Regional Specialty held at the Garden State Specialty by taking
2nd place  in her Bred by Exhibitor (BBE) Class her first time in the ring ever. She was 6 months, 2 days old.

Dora qualified for the Eukanuba Invitational Bred-By-Competition and competed in 2005.

Dora completed her American Championship with a 5 point major under Judge Danny Moore at the Chambersburg Area Kennel Club April 9, 2004.
Dora competed in the Colonial Classic Nippo Style Shiba Show in the Spring of 2005.

Dora continues her career as a competitive Special minimally campaigned.

After just a few shows in 2006, Dora's (who also finished from BBE and is Lucky's sister) Special Career is off to a good start. She is ranked #20 in
the Canine Chronicle Ratings with her sights set on moving up!

Dora went BOS at the Northeast Regional Specialty presented by the National Shiba Club of America and hosted the Shiba Club of Greater New
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Dora does her part for 2009's Responsible Dog Ownership Day and Meet the Breed
Ch. O'Date Parfaitreat Kwontum-Leap
Dora shows her confidence
at a Nippo Style show - the
Colonial Classic and
Japanese style of showing.