Brinkley is a fun kind of guy and loves checking out the scene... Looking "cool" in his shades or taking a break laying back to rev up for his next
adventure. Brinkley ALWAYS keeps his family amused!! Favorite things to do: going for walks, taking trips with the family and crusin'! My thanks to
Brinkley's family for providing such a loving home.(Panda x Sabrina)
Ch. KWONTUMLEAP'S I'M IT AT DENGAR ,  "Lil Monkee" went to Dengar Shibas, Denise Garber as a puppy and is owned and has been shown
by her to her Championship by Denise adding multiple Best of Breeds to her resume, the most recent being Best of Breed two days at the highly
competitive Philadelphia Kennel Club.  As Monkee's breeder I'm so proud of Monkee and Denise and all she has done to ensure Monkee reaches her
full potential as a great show girl!!!  (Sire Ch. Eichiryugo Narmenak "Yazzle"/Dam Ch. Dengar's Hide N Seek at Kwontum-Leap "Monkey"
("Yazzle" X "Monkey" Litter)
Tippy has left Kwontum-Leap to enjoy the life of a beloved family dog. A wonderful family with children have made Tippy theirs and report he is
having a great time on outings, going for rides such as festivals, soccer games and even to the ice cream parlor! He loves to play fetch and in
between all the fun is taking a basic puppy class! Tippy will visit Kwontum-Leap for vacations. I'd like to thank Tippy's family for giving him such a
wonderful home!!! (Yazzle x Monkey)
Tippy with his new children
"Bear" is having a fun hanging out with his new family and enjoying that country living. (Saku x Chanel )
Ch. O'Date Sweetunique Kwontum-Leap
"Liya"  (Panda x Sabrina)
"Suki"  went to a new owner, Brian, as a older puppy as a performance and agility prospect as well as a companion dog.  Suki lives peacefully
with another female Shiba, Sora.  Suki has completed her AKC Puppy Star program and has a good foundation in beginning obedience and
performance.  Suki can be found hiking mountains with her new owner and Sora and visiting the beach as well.  Thank you Brian for giving SUKI
so many opportunities and a wonderful life! (Saku x Chanel)